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Funny George Washington Quote Tshirt

This Funny George Washington Quote T-shirt was made with love for those who love to have fun all the time. Everything is good, so why can’t we just take it and enjoy life? It’s a funny tee with sarcasm about sushi, and we pretend it was said by this Funny George Washington.
The design is made with vibrant purple, yellow, and orange colors, with text that says “no excuses beats bad sushi.” It comes in all sizes and models, with many colors to suit all tastes. It’s the best choice for those who love vintage designs.

Great Funny George Washington Quote T-shirt, a vintage design comes with vibrant colors. We used yellow, purple, and orange for this design of George Washington to suit the halftone technique.

This vintage funny tee is the best choice for those with a sense of humor, and it could be the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. Make all your days funny and enjoy every moment with this hilarious design.



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