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I’m Soufiane, a graphic designer who loves creating unique t-shirt designs. Like many of you, I struggled to find t-shirts that truly matched my style. Most designs I found were too fancy, filled with skulls, or had colors that didn’t suit me. I prefer simple, clean designs that complement my fashion sense.

That’s why I started designing my own t-shirts. My friends loved them and began asking for custom designs. Realizing there was a demand for unique, personalized t-shirts, I launched my first online store in 2018. This experience taught me a lot and motivated me to offer even better service and more personalized designs.

Now, with my own professional webstore, I can connect directly with my customers and create designs that truly match your individual styles. Whether you’re looking for a design that speaks to you or a custom creation, I’m here to help. It’s not about how fancy the design is; it’s about finding something that expresses who you are.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out. I’ll be happy to create a custom design that suits your style perfectly.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to creating something special for you!

A good design is not a fancy one or a complicated piece of art, it is the design that suits you.

How I Make My Designs

Each design I create has its own story, often inspired by my own clothes. When I buy new clothes, I feel the need to design something that complements my new jacket or shirt. This was my process when I was designing just for myself, and it remains the same for my shop today.

For the shop, I also create designs based on what my customers like and are looking for. To understand their needs, I gather as much information as possible. Then, I start sketching ideas on paper or using Illustrator, experimenting randomly. Once I feel I have a good design, I refine it, focusing on style and line work to enhance its appearance.

After finishing the design, I evaluate the colors to ensure they are appealing. The size of the design is also crucial, so I print it locally using my machine to see the actual results. If the t-shirt looks good, I list the design on my store. However, if something feels off, I identify the issue and make further edits.

Designing on a computer is different from seeing the final printed product. Colors and sizes can vary, so adjusting these elements can make a design better or worse. I carefully choose the best color shades and sizes to ensure the design looks its best.

Once I am satisfied with the result, the design is added to the store, ready for you to enjoy wearing.

The Founder

nhc clothing founder

About me

Talking about myself can be complicated, but here it goes. I am a simple man with a deep love for art. My journey began by drawing on pieces of paper and selling my sketches to kids.I vividly remember 2001, when the Pokémon series first started streaming. It became a huge trend, and most kids wanted to buy pictures of Pokémon, but they could only find small images on gum wrappers.One day, a schoolmate asked me to draw a Pokémon image on a bigger piece of paper. When I finished, others saw the result and started asking for the same. That's how I began making money from my drawings.In 2005, I learned Photoshop, marking the start of my digital design journey. Over the years, I've continued to learn and grow, now mastering Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic software.Today, the field is more complex. We need to constantly learn new software and stay updated with the latest plugins and trends. Despite the increased competition, I still love creating designs. It’s a rewarding challenge, and I’m committed to making designs that resonate with people.

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