Zeus mythological vintage T-shirt

This design features the god Zeus wearing black glasses and lighting a cigarette. We are trying to picture Zeus as a gang boss to give him the same power he has in old Greek mythology but based on our new gang culture. This design is made using halftone style to give it an old-fashioned vibe with light blue, which is the best choice to be printed on black T-shirts. The design is available on all T-shirt styles and sizes, but only in black color T-shirts.

In this Zeus mythological vintage T-shirt design, we used old school style, a halftone with a light blue to give the design the oldish vibe needed to be printed on a black T-shirt. The design features the god of old Greek mythology, Zeus, wearing black glasses and lighting a cigarette while his body is covered with tattoos. To play with the idea of the gang boss and the god Zeus, we made this combination to make the design unique.


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