Vintage Skull T-shirt

In our new Vintage Skull T-shirt, we are featuring a young boy combined with a skull, both thinking. We are trying to show the effect of time on thinkers.

This design was made using three colors: purple, pink, and light blue, with an old-style halftone to make it pop out. The design was made for those who like skull designs and 90s black T-shirts. Get yours now and enjoy wearing this piece of art.

A great Vintage Skull T-shirt made using purple, light blue, and pink colors. This skull retro design was created using old-school 90s design style, featuring a young boy and a skull thinking. The main idea behind the design is about time. We tried to show the over-thinkers that sometimes thinking turns you into a skull. It’s a deep, meaningful idea we tried to picture in our design, which we named “Bones of Wisdom.”


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