Lost Angel Vintage T-shirt

Check out our new Lost Angel Vintage T-shirt for those who love dark soul T-shirt designs. This T-shirt features an angel praying to a skull with symbols around him, with text that says “Lost Soul.” We made the design using purple and red colors to suit the retro 90s old school vibe.

The design is available only on black T-shirts, in all sizes and models.
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Great purple Lost Angel Vintage T-shirt made using halftone design style, for a great DTP black T-shirt. We made this wonderful angel design for all looking for unique dark soul designs.

A 90s style with a purple and red vibe to give it the dark hell feeling. Great black T-shirt to wear in your daily life, or even for a rock concert. Our design comes with a quote saying “Lost Soul” and a word behind the angel statue saying “rebel.”


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