funny birds Vintage T-shirt design

In our new vintage t-shirt design, we featured a duck and a gull wearing warrior outfits from the world war, using an old-style 90s vintage design with an old pictures vibe to make the pictures funnier and more believable. In our design, we try to make fun of some conspiracy theories and give you a new one based on birds to say that the real heroes in the world war are the duck and gull. Isn’t it funny? Get yours now.

It’s available on black t-shirts and more in navy blue and chocolate colors, in all sizes and styles.

Check out our new funny birds vintage t-shirt design, featuring a duck wearing a warrior outfit from the world war and a gull wearing a captain warrior outfit. In this funny vintage design, we played with the meaning of secrets released in what we call conspiracy theories, and made it funny to say that the real heroes in the world war are a duck and a gull based on secret files.


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